Blast test of OXTO flywheel energy storage machine


The work required

The objective is the over speed an OXTO flywheel to observe what happens in case of a failure and validate that the unique OXTO design of the machine is safe.

The subcontractor will perform the test in a controlled and secure ‘real-life’ environment. The test facilities must include a test pad that supports the machine weight, and that can feed the machine with a sufficient power connection.

The subcontractor must have a highly experienced team in blast tests, provide record from several angles of the blast test scene with high-resolution high-speed cameras.

Ideally, the subcontractor can install relevant sensors (e.g. thermal…).

Timing - The work is to be executed in December 2018.

Price - A fixed price quotation and completion date of the design is required. All and any shortcomings or unknowns to complete the tender are to be identified.

Location - to be within the UK

Payment terms – One payment upfront, and one payment upon completion. To be discussed.

Experience – Required with evidence and references

Apply by email in the first instance to

Start Date of Tender 5 July 2018. Closing date 19 September 2018.

Weighting Criteria for choosing the contractor is as follows: Price 25% / Timescale 45% / Experience 15% / References 15%.


This project is to be partly funded through the European Regional Development Fund