Performance testing of OXTO flywheel energy storage system on DC and AC sides


The work required

Test of the OXTO flywheel system. The system will be interfaced to the subcontractor Triphase Programmable Power Converter.

This project will have two phases. In phase 1, the OXTO flywheel will be tested in DC mode and in phase 2 the OXTO flywheel will be tested in AC mode. In both tests, the Triphase voltage output (DC

and AC) will be controlled via the Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) of the subcontractor. The objective of the testing is to vary the Triphase output voltage and evaluate the response of the OXTO system to different voltage changes.

At the end of the phase 1 (DC testing) a demonstration day will be run for OXTO visitors.

The OXTO flywheel system will be controlled by OXTO’s internally control system (controller PCs, master controller, SCADA and Power Plant emulator).


Timing - The work is to commence in November2018

The subcontractor will provide a detailed test schedule that includes the following tasks:

-        Project management

-        Test system setup

-        OXTO site survey & onsite meeting. Delivery/unpacking of system. OXTO internal setup. Subcontractor electrical termination and preliminary checks.

-        Group 1 test: DC testing (800V up to 65kW) and demonstration to OXTO externals

-        Group 2 test: AC testing (440V up to 70kVA)

-        Decommission system

Price - A fixed price quotation and completion date of the design is required. All and any shortcomings or unknowns to complete the tender are to be identified.

Location - to be within the UK

Payment terms – One payment upfront, and one payment upon completion. To be discussed.

Experience – Required with evidence and references

Apply by email in the first instance to

Start Date of Tender 5 July 2018. Closing date 19 September 2018.

Weighting Criteria for choosing the contractor is as follows: Price 25% / Timescale 45% / Experience 15% / References 15%.


This project is to be partly funded through the European Regional Development Fund