OXTO Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team have put together a list of FAQ's to help you find out how our technology can support your business 

Can I use this for portable energy storage applications?       

OXTO's flywheels are suited only for stationary energy storage applications and for large vessels.

How much do flywheels cost?

The price of the system is project dependent. Please get in touch with our sales team and they would be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Are flywheels for residential use?

Not for individual housing but can be used to support small communities as a community storage solution or apartment buildings.

Are flywheels an alternative to batteries?

It depends a lot on the application that you have in mind. They have though longer lifetime than batteries without any limitations on charging discharging cycles or depths of discharge.They do though work great with batteries of any chemistry enhancing their capabilities.

What size and capacity are flywheels?

1.1 metres in diameter and 65Kw nominal power output with 80kW peak capability.