17-7 PH Condition 900 material procurement for OXTO flywheel energy storage system manufacturing


The material to supply


17-7 PH steel in condition CH900

AMS 5528

CH900 is acquired by first cold reduction to condition C (martensite), then low-temperature heat-treatment to harden to CH900. These operations are processed at the mill.

Dimension and state:

0.4/0.3 mm x 810 mm x 810 mm cut sheets from coil.


+/- 0.02mm on thickness and +/- 0.20mm on width


A coating for electrical insulation must be applied to the sheets.

Coating required: Voltatex 1175 W

Coating thickness: 20 m on both sides


We need 400 x 20 sheets = 8,000 sheets, which is approximately 22,000kg


Price - A fixed price quotation and completion date of the design is required. All and any shortcomings or unknowns to complete the tender are to be identified.

Delivery term - incoterm CIF UK port, with production lead time 45 days maximum.

Conformity MTC (Mill Test Certificate) requested

Apply by email in the first instance to

Start Date of Tender 1st October 2020. Closing date 25 October 2020.

Weighting Criteria for choosing the contractor is as follows: Price 55% / Delivery term 25% / Experience 15% / Conformity 20%.


This project is to be partly funded through the European Regional Development Fund