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Inertia Drive (ID), the next generation flywheel    

The Inertia Drive technology is based on the flywheel mechanical battery concept that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. Our innovations focus on design, assembly and manufacturing process.

Solar and wind power only produce when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. This causes grid instability due to loss of system “inertia”, which ultimately impacts energy supply to consumers. Inertia Drive is a flywheel. This Solution will lead the stability of inertia of the system, fostering renewable integration and electrification of transport. A flywheel is considered as a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. It is a truly sustainable solution to the challenges of decarbonising power generation and transport industries.


Flywheel Container    

Units can be connected in clusters of 8 units (500 kW) on the same DC bus of 528V-833 V DC or can be used individually in 65 kW x n configurations. It is a modular system with no limit in its scalability from kWs to MWs.

The design enables an easy and quick off-ground unit installation process and operations in any environment and location, from commercial facilities to generation in urban areas, with a 20ft or 40ft container dependent on installation requirement. The units can also be installed individually for space constraint environments. Performance of the technology can be increased with usage optimisation and advanced load balancing strategies between the modules.

Each flywheel unit comes with an innovative motor/generator and power electronics allowing OXTO to deliver high power +/-65kW (+/-80kWp) within 4ms. Each unit has a 7.5 kWh of energy capacity and is controlled by its’ dedicated rack mounted power electronics. OXTO’s flywheel does not require any HVAC or cooling system, operating in a temperature range of -45°C to +65°C.

    Outstanding technical performances

  • Over 90% round-trip efficiency
  • Few milli-seconds full response
  • 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD) and unlimited cycles